NeuroHorizons: A Child's Neural Map is Not the Territory

Optimize every child's developmental trajectory
regardless of the challenge or disability

via NeuroHorizons Experiential Movement

NeuroHorizonsEurope: Empower Yourself to Empower a Special Needs Child

Europe's premier movement training program
uniquely dedicated to the parents, caregivers & professionals
supporting the Child With Special Needs


CLASS OF 2021!


Attention + Intention + Movement
= A New Quality of Life

We offer a uniquely focused curriculum distilled from our decades of professional support for Children With Special Needs, and from long experience training parents and caregivers in our craft.

We know what works, and are passionate about guiding you to develop the awareness, attitudes, and skills that transform the quality of life of these great kids and their families.

NeuroHorizons: Empower Yourself to Empower a Special Needs Child 2
NeuroHorizons: Empower Yourself to Empower a Special Needs Child 1

Sooner than you might imagine, you can begin skillfully and effectively addressing a wide range of developmental challenges faced by diverse children.

As importantly, our expert integration of cognitive, experiential, hands-on, and practicum learning gives
you a renewed vitality and an embodied, creative confidence.
Our graduates are parents, caregivers, and a variety of therapists and practitioners committed to deepening their skill and service to these great kids.

You will savor more ease, grace, and pleasure not just with the kids, but in all areas of your life.

"Your training has been a huge awakening, and life changing for me and my Special Needs son. As I experience my own skeleton and nervous system in new ways, how I work with my son also shifts; small, subtle, movements are really effective. The result is far more integration, ease and freedom.”

Jean Smyth, Ireland
NeuroHorizonsEurope graduate & Mother of Special Needs Child

“Since the very first Segment I've been applying what we learned to my kids, including my son with CP, and their nervous systems pick it up and shift so quickly. This NeuroHorizons method has also transformed my naturopathic work — I am fascinated and so excited.”

Janine Keller, Heilpraktiker, Germany
NeuroHorizonsEurope graduate & Mother of Special Needs Child

"The joy factor has exponentially increased in our life. I continue to be astounded by the profound physical, mental, and emotional changes within myself and for my Special Needs Child. I could immediately use what I learned with my boy, and his movement and language are shifting and growing at a remarkable pace.”

Annemarie Miller, USA
NeuroHorizons graduate & Mother of Special Needs Child



via NeuroHorizons Experiential Movement

Whether child or adult, our brain continually learns, orients, and changes (the process of “neural plasticity”) through movement.  So, our attentive and intentional movement is a great way to communicate with the nervous system and enhance our life, every day.

A child’s development is a progression of learning through movement and sensation.   Children With Special Needs often face an “impasse”:  They are missing key experiences that the nervous system needs in order to take a next developmental step.

In our training program you learn how to gently
move with the child through and beyond these impasses.

Over our 10 training segments (about 15 months) you explore 150+ Experiential Movement™ Lessons in depth, including immediate hands-on client applications.

Our multi-dimensional yet focused, integrated, and immediately practical curriculum is designed to shift your world, and the world of the children you care for.

"I've been able to slow myself down, observe more, and become less stressed. From our very first Segment I've been connecting very differently with my Special Needs daughter, allowing her to do more, try more, make more mistakes, and thus have more experiences. She is becoming more alert, aware, and communicative. I also have been able to apply this learning with my patients with remarkable outcomes. So, really big benefits for my family and clients.”

Christine Hengst, OT, Germany
NeuroHorizonsEurope graduate & Mother of Special Needs Child

“For my Special Needs daughter I wanted a method applying the concepts of neuroplasticity. This training has greatly increased my awareness of all the interconnections of the body, which is particularly useful and interesting to me. It's been really enjoyable.”

Rahmi Imamoglu, Ph.D (Biochemistry),Turkey/Germany
NeuroHorizonsEurope graduate & Father of Special Needs Child

“I've learned to work with my daughter with cerebral palsy in ways I never knew were possible. Attentive movement has become an automatic part of our daily routine — if I am touching my daughter we are learning together. Watching each little change through everyday neural plasticity has been amazing. This program has been a one-of-a-kind, life-changing experience. ”

Cassie Baker, USA
NeuroHorizons graduate & Mother of Special Needs Child

More specifically, you learn to embody and become a daily source of key movement "lessons" for the child. You translate and transmit your own skillful presence.

Then — sometimes rapidly and sometimes incrementally — the child's brain and nervous system receive and assemble the novel kinesthetic experiences you provide. Developmental gaps and deficits are mitigated or remedied.

The child can then natively do, and be, in ways not possible before. This is how we leverage the everyday power of neural plasticity.

And, through our training program you will start noticing the results very rapidly — first for yourself, and then for the children you love and care for.

“After each Segment I came away feeling empowered, gaining confidence in myself and my ability to help my Special Needs son.”

Aideen Roddy, Northern Ireland
NeuroHorizonsEurope graduate & Mother of Special Needs Child

“Exactly what I was looking for: The opportunity to learn about how I move my own body, so that I can be the best possible role model for my daughter. I feel much better in my own skin, and there is a new sense of curiosity about options for myself, and for my child. Your embodied teaching, clarity, humor, passion, and generosity bring so much life to this learning. Thank you!”

Daniela I., Ph.D (Computer Science), Romania/USA
NeuroHorizons Graduate graduate & Mother of Special Needs Child


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