Optimize Every Child's Developmental Trajectory
via Experiential Movement™ Lessons
Regardless of the Challenge or Disability

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Europe’s Only Complete, Personalized
Movement Training Program
Dedicated to Empowering You
To Empower the Child With Special Needs

Embody. Envision. Elicit. Empower.

Grow. Serve. Thrive.

Individualized Instruction by Master Teachers


Founder of the
Training Programs

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Founder of the

Experiential Movement
Learning Programs

Authors of the essential, "big-picture" handbook for movement practitioners, parents, and caregivers seeking to elevate their service to Children With Special Needs.

“In our training programs we bring to life these key principles, priorities, and passions, all made possible by our small group size, expertly focused curriculum, and uplifting camaraderie”.

Embody. Envision. Elicit.

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Europe’s Premier Movement Training Program
Devoted to Parents, Caregivers & Professionals
Supporting the Child With Special Needs

Whether you are supporting your own Special Needs Child,
or want to serve others, our focused, dynamic, transformative
(and entirely in-person) training program gives you the
education, experience, skill, and confidence to
optimize the developmental trajectories of these great kids.

Our Core Focus, Quality, Value . . .

Who, What, When, Where . . .

A Program Of

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