NeuroHorizons: A Child's Neural Map is Not the Territory

NeuroHorizonsEurope: Empower Yourself to Empower a Special Needs Child


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With Master Trainer
Sylvia Leiner Shordike

Founder of the
Experiential Movement ®
Learning Programs

Author of the essential "big-picture" handbook for movement practitioners, parents, and caregivers seeking to elevate their service to Children With Special Needs.

"There is a passionate place in my heart for Children with Special Needs. l work daily with these great kids and their families, supporting their advances through diverse challenges.

And, l am passionate about teaching you to do the same. l love sharing my nearly 30 years of professional experience across Europe and the Americas, helping these children and their families transform their quality of life."

Over time l have observed the attitudes and approaches that consistently lead to optimal outcomes for the kids. l want you to learn those as well, and I have crafted the focused, integrated program that will get you there.

My commitment
over 10 class segments (plus optional Professional Supervision Intensives) is that you grow your embodied awareness, skill, and confidence — with yourself and with the children. l look forward to exploring this creative learning process with you!

Activate Your Native Neural Plasticity
With a Personal Guide

I feel much better in my own skin, and there is a new sense of curiosity about options for myself, and for my child. Your embodied teaching, clarity, humor, passion, and generosity bring so much life to this learning. Thank you!”

Daniela I., Ph.D, Romania/USA
NeuroHorizons Graduate & Mother of Special Needs Child

I am so grateful for your unique, nourishing way of teaching that gives me awareness, comfort, and self-confidence for myself and for my child.”

Annemarie Miller, USA
NeuroHorizons Graduate & Mother of Special Needs Child

“I am still intoxicated from our last professional supervision group. The intense learning really brought me back to myself, to my humanity, and to my pleasure as a practitioner working with the kids. Outstanding."

Bastian Oberfeld, Germany
NeuroScanBalance graduate

“Through your patient and insightful teaching it became much clearer how my child learns, enabling me to focus on connecting with my kids rather than trying to find ways to ‘fix’ them. With this clarity I can feel a bit more like myself.”

Brieta E., Ireland
Mother of Special Needs Child

"Sylvia is a force of nature, and I am continuously inspired by her dedication to this work, to her students, and to her clients. When everything in the world seemed to have come to a screeching halt, she kept going with an enthusiasm that’s contagious. After each 5-day segment my body feels so much better, my spirit is uplifted, and my own work with the children is enriched and inspired.”

Verena Kurz, Austria/USA
Anat Baniel Method NeuroMovement Practitioner & NeuroHorizons Trainee

Many of my key insights, principles, and practices are collected in The NeuroHorizons Primer: Experiential Movement as Science, Toolbox & Art Form (2020). l consider this to be the essential, "big picture" handbook for movement practitioners, parents, and caregivers seeking to elevate their service to Children With Special Needs.

And, I bring all this material to life in my training programs.

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