NeuroHorizons: A Child's Neural Map is Not the Territory

NeuroHorizonsEurope: Empower Yourself to Empower a Special Needs Child


Our mission is to help you grow your skillful, relational presence “dancing” creatively with the child, through their unchartered neural territory toward new developmental horizons.

Whatever your prior background and goals, the individualized NeuroHorizons program meets you where you are.  Parents, caregivers, and diverse professionals all take away vital new awareness, tools, and confidence.

NeuroHorizons emphasizes a profound kinesthetic, sensory, and experiential learning process. We are not about rigid pedagogy, or imposing rote “techniques”, "recipes", and “protocols”.

Rather than doing it
to or for the child, we elicit their native learning process, which — when invited and nourished — wonderfully unfolds on its own terms and timing.

Our program allows you to earn at your option our Personal Service Certification, and with additional Supervision Intensives the Professional Certification (if your goal may be to take this work into your community and around the world).

Either way, you will enjoy more ease, grace, creativity, and pleasure in daily life.

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“After each Segment I came away feeling empowered, gaining confidence in myself and my ability to help my Special Needs son.”

Aideen Roddy, Northern Ireland
NeuroHorizonsEurope graduate & Mother of Special Needs Child

"I've been able to slow myself down, observe more, and become less stressed. From our very first Segment I've been connecting very differently with my Special Needs daughter, allowing her to do more, try more, make more mistakes, and thus have more experiences. She is becoming more alert, aware, and communicative. I also have been able to apply this learning with my patients with remarkable outcomes. So, really big benefits for my family and clients.”

Christine Hengst, OT, Germany
NeuroHorizonsEurope graduate & Mother of Special Needs Child

“After more than 25 years as a Physical Therapist I found NeuroHorizons Experiential Movement to be a very big missing piece — a priceless bridge to better everyday functioning while following the child’s lead.

These teachings bring together so much — they will make a huge difference in probably 100% of my clients who have neurological deficits. I am thrilled to add this learning to my work.”

Karen Fergusen PT, USA
NeuroHorizons Trainee & Mother of Special Needs Children

Entirely ln-Person.

To maximize and expedite your learning, I deliberately keep our group quite small (14 max) and insist on in-person instruction (I do NOT rely on remote video teaching, or "assistants").

You integrate new information effectively and quickly through a unique, multi-dimensional synthesis of cognitive, experiential, hands-on, and practicum exploration.

You gain a first-hand familiarity with the power of neural plasticity, and how intentional movement kickstarts the re-mapping process of the brain and nervous system.

By first
embodying Experiential Movement for ourselves ("walking our talk"), we are setting the stage to powerfully translate and transmit our own learning into each personal or client relationship.

This is how
we empower ourselves to empower the kids.

You can then bring these newly embodied attitudes, skills, and tools into a creative "dance" with the child, using Experiential Movement Lessons to envision and elicit their native learning process. You will both delight as the child explores and expands their own neural map.

Even after their very first training Segment, many of our participants report their new-found pleasure of embodied movement, a more vital presence, and improved function and quality of daily life — for themselves and for their loved ones.

“I expected the program would be good for me to help my Special Needs daughter, yet I also learned so much about myself. A super group, and amazing teachers. I have enjoyed every single hour spent here."

Kerstin Walther, Germany
NeuroHorizonsEurope graduate & Mother of Special Needs Child

"I am already incorporating my new learning as a mother, and into my work as a teacher. I have so enjoyed the creative, surprising, and challenging aspects of this movement work. Heartfelt and dedicated teaching, the best I can imagine.”

Carina Spanu, Germany
NeuroHorizonsEurope graduate & Mother of Special Needs Child

“With this profound learning I've slowed down, become much more attentive to my own experience and that of others, and now bring far more of myself to my clients, to my family, everywhere. The outcomes are remarkable.”

Erin Warnick, Ph.D (Neuropsychology), USA
NeuroHorizons Graduate and Anat Baniel Method graduate

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