NeuroHorizons: A Child's Neural Map is Not the Territory

NeuroHorizonsEurope: Empower Yourself to Empower a Special Needs Child


Class of 2021

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“After each Segment I came away feeling empowered, gaining confidence in myself and my ability to help my Special Needs son. You deliver a wonderful, experiential learning process in which I discover new movements, tools, and understanding, and which allow me to re-create the process at home for my own children.

I am seeing how the elements we learned in every Segment can be brought together and creatively adapted for each child, in order to connect and give effective movement lessons.”

Aideen Roddy, Northern Ireland
NeuroHorizonsEurope graduate & Mother of Special Needs Child

"There are so many things I thought were not possible, or maybe only possible for others. But now I know they are possible for me. I started this training mainly for my Special Needs daughter, but then on top of that I really learned to develop myself.

I've taken a lot of courses, and this is the one in which I learned the most — not through 'studying' but by becoming more present — and how things can then 'miraculously' fall into place for both me and my child. I am so grateful.”

Roland Mueller, Germany
NeuroHorizonsEurope graduate & Father of Special Needs Child

"Your training has been a huge awakening, and life changing for me and my Special Needs son. As I experience my own skeleton and nervous system in new ways, how I work with my son also shifts; small, subtle, movements are really effective.

It has been challenging at times to let go of my old beliefs and mantras about “hard work”. But the result is far more integration, ease and freedom. I came to this training for my son, but now I realize how much I need this for myself too, so I can grow old and still move :)”

Jean Smyth, Ireland
NeuroHorizonsEurope graduate & Mother of Special Needs Child

“For my Special Needs daughter I wanted a method applying the concepts of neuroplasticity, and found NeuroHorizons / NeuroScanBalance. This training has greatly increased my awareness of all the interconnections of the body, which is particularly useful and interesting to me. And, I've had a lot of fun with my classmates, and with Kerstin and Sylvia. It's been really enjoyable.”

Rahmi Imamoglu, Ph.D (Biochemistry),Turkey/Germany
NeuroHorizonsEurope graduate & Father of Special Needs Child

“I expected the program would be good for me to help my Special Needs daughter, yet I also learned so much about myself. A super group, and Sylvia and Kerstin are amazing teachers. I have enjoyed every single hour spent here."

Kerstin Walther, Germany
NeuroHorizonsEurope graduate & Mother of Special Needs Child

“As a Neuropsychologist working with individuals on a spectrum of neurocognitive capacities and degenerative conditions, the NeuroHorizons program has shifted so much for me. In other movement programs I've been handed concepts and techniques, but it is here in our small group that I developed the missing piece — the much deeper embodied awareness and relational presence.

With this profound learning I've slowed down, become much more attentive to my own experience and that of others, and now bring far more of myself to my clients, to my family, everywhere. The outcomes are remarkable. Plus, I've never had so much fun learning!”

Erin Warnick, Ph.D (Neuropsychology), USA
NeuroHorizons Graduate and Anat Baniel Method graduate

"The joy factor has exponentially increased in our life. I continue to be astounded by the profound physical, mental, and emotional changes within myself and for my Special Needs Child.

I could immediately use what I learned with my boy, and his movement and language are shifting and growing at a remarkable pace. After all the years of trying other modalities, my connection with my son has now transformed into a distinct experience of joy, freedom and flexibility. Truly remarkable!

I am so grateful for your unique, nourishing way of teaching that gives me awareness, comfort, and self-confidence
for myself and for my child.”

Annemarie Miller, USA
NeuroHorizons Graduate

“Exactly what I was looking for: The opportunity to learn about how I move my own body, so that I can be the best possible role model for my daughter. I feel much better in my own skin, and there is a new sense of curiosity about options for myself, and for my child. Your embodied teaching, clarity, humor, passion, and generosity bring so much life to this learning. Thank you!”

Daniela I., Ph.D, Romania/USA
NeuroHorizons Graduate

“Through your patient and insightful teaching it became much clearer how my child learns, enabling me to focus on connecting with my kids rather than trying to find ways to ‘fix’ them. With this clarity I can feel a bit more like myself.”

Brietta E., Ireland
Mother of Special Needs Child

“I've learned to work with my daughter with cerebral palsy, in ways I never knew were possible. Attentive movement has become an automatic part of our daily routine — if I am touching my daughter we are learning together. Watching each little change through everyday neural plasticity has been amazing. This program has been a one-of-a-kind, life-changing experience.”

Cassie Baker, USA
NeuroHorizons graduate & Mother of Special Needs Child

"I am already incorporating my new learning as a mother, and into my work as a teacher. I have so enjoyed the creative, surprising, and challenging aspects of this movement work. Kerstin and Sylvia are a heartfelt and dedicated teaching team, the best I can imagine. ”

Carina Spanu, Germany
NeuroHorizonsEurope graduate & Mother of Special Needs Child

"Kerstin and Sylvia, your training and our group are truly amazing. Since the very first Segment I've been applying what we learned to my kids, including my son with CP, and their nervous systems pick it up and shift so quickly. The last Segment was unbelievable.

And this NeuroHorizons method has also transformed my naturopathic work with the old and sick animals I treat: They relax, breathe, become more mobile and agile, and then beg me for more! I am fascinated and so excited. Thank you both for this learning.”

Janine Keller, Heilpraktiker, Germany
NeuroHorizonsEurope graduate & Mother of Special Needs Child

"With your training I have been able to slow myself down, observe more, and become less stressed (which my husband appreciates :) From our very first Segment I've been connecting very differently with my Special Needs daughter, allowing her to do more, try more, make more mistakes, and thus have more experiences. She is becoming more alert, aware, and communicative.

I also have been able to apply this learning with my patients in my Occupational Therapy praxis (beyond mere rote or repetitive practices), with remarkable outcomes. So, really big benefits for my family and clients.”

Christine Hengst, OT, Germany
NeuroHorizonsEurope graduate & Mother of Special Needs Child

"Kerstin and Sylvia are life-changing teachers, freely sharing with us new practitioners their vast experience, knowledge, and skill. And they do it with such clarity, passion, and good humor.”

Barbara Huse, Switzerland
NeuroScanBalance graduate & Mother of Special Needs Child

“Sylvia and Kerstin are absolutely recommended as masters of their method. Their contagious enthusiasm and explorer spirit continually inspire. They are a gift to their students and to the world.”

Katharina Schlechta, Austria
NeuroScanBalance graduate & Mother of Special Needs Child

“Seeing the progress my daughter made through this work is what brought me to the training, as I want to bring this experience to others. Habits can be hard to change, but through NeuroHorizons I've had so many internal shifts. It's wonderful to explore the Experiential Movements Lessons, and to learn to trust myself to give lessons to others. A really amazing program, teachers, and colleagues!"

Di Zhu, Germany
NeuroHorizonsEurope graduate & Mother of Special Needs Child

“Some years ago I had an injury to my lower back, which has been kind of 'switched off' and in pain since then. With this training program, my lower back is again completely alive — it is again helping me instead of bothering me."

Niki Gohari, Iran/Germany
NeuroHorizonsEurope graduate & Mother of Special Needs Child

“Kerstin and Sylvia are a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and above all else, compassion. Sylvia’s Parent Seminar gave me practical ways to help my son in the home environment, and the space to reflect on how best to support him going forward. Along the way I was able to re-connect and find a little piece of myself again. And then, over four lessons with Kerstin, I saw my little boy wake up and come to life."

Sinead Bourke, Ireland
Mother of Special Needs Child

“Sylvia’s Parent Seminar was fantastic, giving me insight into my child’s challenges, and very practical tools that empower us parents. My child's gains with Kerstin's movement lessons are profound and completely life-changing. These women have proven themselves beyond beneficial for us and our little one.”

Sally Batley, Ireland
Mother of Special Needs Child


“Sylvia and Kerstin's joy and generosity in sharing their expertise and passion seems infinite. I am still intoxicated from our last professional supervision group. The intense learning really brought me back to myself, to my humanity, and to my pleasure as a practitioner working with the kids. Outstanding."

Bastian Oberfeld, Germany
NeuroScanBalance graduate

“Kerstin and Sylvia are masterful teachers, real treasuries of knowledge and experience. I attend their seminars and professional supervision intensives whenever I can. I always gain so much, and my clients benefit tremendously."

Daniel Lerch, Austria
NeuroScanBalance graduate

"These two women look for all possibilities and strengths, with sincere, authentic, joyful intention and great energy. They connect, find missing pieces, and skillfully present my daughter with unique learning opportunities. I would encourage anyone interested in working with their own or other Special Needs kids to take full advantage of Sylvia's and Kerstin's programs."

Ivana Gadient
Anat Baniel Method NeuroMovement graduate

"I’m blown away by the great client results I've had since your Supervision Intensive — big changes for a spastic child, and for a man who suffered a stroke. I feel learning from you is absolutely vital to my practice. I am so thankful!”

Jennifer Helenius
Anat Baniel Method NeuroMovement graduate

"Sylvia and Kerstin mesh together and complement each other so incredibly well. It is wonderfully immersive to watch them work with my son — I sometimes feel like I’m the one getting the lessons! Even though I'm already an Anat Baniel Method practitioner, I would absolutely take their European training if I could — I can’t think of any better way to learn this work and effectively support the Children."

Mika Keaulii
Anat Baniel Method NeuroMovement graduate

“Thank you Sylvia for providing such an enriching learning environment.  You are a terrific teacher and I came back with my brain on fire, so inspired and grateful and full of new hopes and dreams.” 

Verena Kurz
Anat Baniel Method NeuroMovement graduate

“You reminded me how much fun and creativity I can bring to my own lessons.  I am so inspired to continue growing.” 

Adrienne Penebre
Anat Baniel Method NeuroMovement graduate

"What a transformative weekend. I'm so much clearer about what I'm doing with the kids and am moving so much better myself. THANK YOU!”

Jan Peterson
Anat Baniel Method NeuroMovement graduate

"Thanks to Sylvia's high-level clarity, I could immediately begin to transfer what I learned to the children I work with, and my practice has benefitted greatly!"

Lorrie Jollimore
Anat Baniel Method NeuroMovement graduate

"The Supervision Intensive was the most extraordinarily enriching 3 days imaginable. My head is swimming and my brain is percolating and my nervous system is digesting and my skeleton is doing all sorts of new things. Sylvia, your energy, enthusiasm, talent and mentorship is a treasure."

Megan Wetherall
Anat Baniel Method NeuroMovement graduate

"It's such a privilege to see you work Sylvia, and to have you work with us. Your mastery is impeccable in its potency and clarity. You and the Supervision Intensive were amazing, inspiring, and empowering — a perfect blend of observing lessons, giving lessons, learning through experiential movement with each other, and sheer delight with the kids.”

Barbara Horwitch
Anat Baniel Method NeuroMovement graduate

"Sylvia, through witnessing the quality of your movements -- both as you moved yourself and as you moved me -- I learned how to use my body as a Practitioner, and how I could positively affect the movement and learning of others. It is the most empowering feeling I have had in a long time."

Anat Baniel Method NeuroMovement graduate

“Thanks Sylvia for your loving approach to teaching.  I feel like I got exactly what I needed (and I didn't know what I needed going into the workshop). I feel an upgrade in me, and am still running full steam ahead with what I learned.” 

Carla Romaniuk
Anat Baniel Method NeuroMovement graduate

“The Seminar format was superb. Your outstanding teaching about discovering each person's unique organization or challenge really helps me understand the larger context. I'm enthusiastic to work with clients this way, instead of feeling stressed that it's not working out how it “should". I put a lot of pressure on myself because I really care about this work and want to do well. Your teaching helps take the pressure off, and frees me to be myself as a Practitioner.

I feel so inspired, energetic and happy from the whole experience. Plus, I've never walked with my whole body and my entire back so integrated and my legs so long and flowing. Thank you!"

Joanne Cutler
Anat Baniel Method NeuroMovement graduate

“What an infusion of fantastic learning and camaraderie. What a fabulous breath of inspiration in my life.  You took us on a learning journey in safety and in perfectly sized increments with variation, fun, and awareness. I feel empowered with deeper understanding and connections!” 

Phoebe MacRae
Anat Baniel Method NeuroMovement graduate

“You have given me a new sense of possibility.  I have definitely felt a higher quality in my work with the kids.” 

Tracy Roybal
Anat Baniel Method NeuroMovement graduate

“Your teaching was invaluable and just what I needed to add to my confidence, and to my skillset as a Practitioner.” 

Ed Dassie
Anat Baniel Method NeuroMovement graduate

"Lots of fun, and really inspiring learning with new and useful insights. I feel more confident and creative during sessions, and consequently my connection to the child is more at ease and delightful."

Nana Gravesen
Anat Baniel Method NeuroMovement graduate

“I thoroughly enjoyed the camaraderie of our group, and feel we all moved up several notches as practitioners.” 

Kate Garner
Anat Baniel Method NeuroMovement graduate

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